All styling quotes are valid for 14 days. During the validity period, all products/services quoted are held reserved for the Client. The Client must pay a deposit within this time period to reserve the specified installation time & equipment quoted. After the validity period has passed and the quotation has expired, the Client no longer has any hold on the products and timing and the Client must contact Something Blue Weddings + Events before paying deposit to confirm if the products are still available.


Paying a deposit after the quote has expired WILL NOT confirm the booking. The products/services can only be re-offered provided they are still available, and not allocated to other events/Clients.

All quotations are valid for the specified event ONLY. Where the products/services are used for a second event, Something Blue Weddings + Events is entitled to charge the Client the full costs for the second event. Something Blue Weddings + Events often can charge a reduced fee where the second event is advised and discussed beforehand.

Something Blue Weddings + Events has the right to pass on any price increases on sub-hire equipment by suppliers.

Something Blue Weddings + Events has the right to pass on any increase in labour due to last minute changes, including additional fees incurred through late night or early morning installations or dismantling or waiting 30 mins due to delays outside the control of Something Blue Weddings + Events. Something Blue Weddings + Events has the right to pass on any increases in labour due to changes in award rates and conditions.

Deposits & Confirmation:

Deposits are 50% of the total price (inclusive of GST) unless otherwise stated.

Deposits are NON REFUNDABLE. Deposits are to remain at 50% of the original quoted price. Should the total quoted decrease as the planning process goes on the deposit will always remain at 50% of the original quoted price and is strictly non-refundable.

Deposits are not transferable. If there is a change to your date or venue, we of course will try and accommodate but we will not refund the deposit if unable to meet the changed requirements.



Final Payments:

Final Payments are due strictly 7 days prior to the event date unless otherwise arranged by the Client with Something Blue Weddings + Events.


We reserve the right to cancel the booking if payment in full isn’t received within 7 days of the event. Monies paid will not be refunded.

If payment is late we cannot guarantee the availability of stock. We will not order custom stock until your account is settled.

Cancellations & Refunds:

In the result that cancellation occurs prior to the 30 day period all monies paid less the deposit will be refunded. If Cancellation occurs within the 30 day period prior to the event date the Client will be charged 50% of the total event cost.

In the result of cancellation of a coordination package Something Blue Weddings + Events will charge for time spent on the planning process in addition to the deposit paid.

Wedding Coordination:

The role of Something Blue Weddings + Events is initially that of an Advisor. The Client will make actual selection of the Service Providers, and Something Blue Weddings + Events will implement these selections.

The Client will make payment directly to the Service Providers and not to Something Blue Weddings + Events.

Something Blue Weddings + Events must be notified of any necessary changes made between The Client and the selected Service Providers.

Service Providers accepted by The Client shall be liable for their own business practices.

Something Blue Weddings + Events does not assume responsibility for the negligent acts nor omission of such professionals.

The Client agrees to hold harmless Something Blue Weddings + Events for any error, nonperformance, or change made by any vendor.

Liability is limited to the fee paid. The Client understands that Something Blue Weddings + Events will not enter into this agreement without this clause.

The Client agrees to hold harmless Something Blue Weddings + Events for an Act of God, weather conditions that may affect the event, acts of war etc.

In the event The Client is forced to change the date of the wedding; every effort will be made by Something Blue Weddings + Events and staff to transfer location reservations, sub-contractors and Something Blue Weddings + Events support to the new date. Additional service charges will be applicable in such event.

The Client agrees that in the event of a date change any expenses including but not limited to deposits and fees that are non-refundable and non-transferable are the sole responsibility of The Client. The Client further understands that last minute changes can impact the quality of the event and that Something Blue Weddings + Events is not responsible for these compromises in quality.


Variations to Installation & Dismantle:

Delays in access to the venue for installation or removal will incur a standby charge at the rate of $50.00 per hour. Electrical power is to be provided by the Client/Venue as per the agreed conditions. Something Blue Weddings + Events does not warrant the suitability, capacity or electricity supply arrangement unless specifically provided by Something Blue Weddings + Events.

In the event of the venue changing the installation or dismantle times outside that which is possible for Something Blue Weddings + Events, the Client accepts the risk that the job may not go ahead as offered and that alternative arrangements must be made. In the likelihood this should happen, the Client accepts responsibility for full payment of the quotation and any additional costs incurred.

In the event that an unforeseen situation occurs and changes to the design have to be made, Something Blue Weddings + Events will make every endeavor to contact the Client to approve any changes. If, however, the Client is not contactable, Something Blue Weddings + Events reserves the right to alter the design to fit in with the constraints. By paying the deposit, the Client agrees to this potential situation.

In the event of existing or external hire items impacting the installation of the quoted items we will endevour to install quoted items. Eg if another company has installed lighting or venue has installed permanent lighting. If unable to install/deliver/dismantle due to this reason no monies will be refunded.

No liability is accepted where incorrect use or mistreatment of equipment occurs, or if the installation is altered or changed by the Client/Venue without permission. Once installed and until dismantled, loss or damage to equipment and all other risk passes to and remains with the Client/Venue.

Adverse weather conditions & garden watering systems can affect outdoor setups. The Client agrees not to undertake any garden watering in proximity to the installed equipment, and acknowledges that while every effort is made to minimise the impact of adverse weather, any consequences of adverse weather remains the Client’s risk and Something Blue Weddings + Events to be reimbursed for any damages/ replacement of their equipment.

Something Blue Weddings + Events will not adjust, dismantle, install any existing fixtures in the venue that are going to effect the agreed design. This is up to the venue to arrange. Please ensure also that the workspace is clear of furniture and hazards unless negotiated with Something Blue Weddings + Events.

In the event of adverse weather conditions that prevent the event or hired goods being installed or taking place at the arranged site, no monies will be refunded. Something Blue Weddings + Events will do their best to accommodate any reasonable request to setup the event in an alternate location providing this does not interfere with other bookings/clients. If there is a chance of inclement weather that will effect hired good a decision must be made no later than 12 hrs prior to the arranged install time.


Once installation is complete, all lights/decorations are checked by Something Blue Weddings + Events and left in full working & clean order. Information as to the whereabouts and operation of the power/dimmers/controls will be explained to a person nominated by the Venue/Client and that person will be responsible for turning on the lights or delegating this responsibility before the Client arrives.

Our light globes are replaced on a regular basis and treated with care during transport and install. Should one blow during the event we cannot be held accountable for this. We will do our best to replace given notice prior to the event.

Damaged & Missing Goods:

The Client is liable for any damage, loss or breakage of goods from time of pickup, delivery or install until returned, collected or dismantled to/by Something Blue Weddings + Events staff.

Replacement & Repair costs will be charged at the discretion of the supplier, regardless of whether the client, venue or guest damaged the item.

Replacement costs are charged in full. It is up to the client to follow up payment if damaged by a third party during the hire period.

These terms & conditions are governed by the law in force in New South Wales and shall take precedence to the extent permitted by the law.

Use of Photos:

Something Blue Weddings + Events will use the photos of our creative work for promotional purposes. Please let us know if this is an issue.

These terms & conditions refer to Something Blue Weddings + Events and the Client firstly being the person/s named on the quotation/invoice, then the person requesting the products/services or lastly, the persons making payment for or on behalf of persons requesting the products/services.